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Raytown Buildings

Raytown Buildings - This dynamic set of buildings can accommodate any business, manufacturing, storage or office space. These buildings and office spaces are very affordable and they can be divided or expanded to accommodate the space that your business requires. Do you need a single office or many offices? We have the space for you! Raytown Buildings offers manufacturing space with loading docks that offer plenty of parking as well. These buildings offer great visibility because they are located along Raytown Rd. Raytown Buildings are in the middle of the city so that your customers or employees are only minutes from home in any part of the City. This real estate has easy access to 350 Highway, I- 435, and I-70.

Property Address Map Current Tenant Approx. Sq. Ft.
5520 Raytown Road (front) Map It FOR RENT!!!! 4,040
5520A Raytown Road--bsmnt   Surratt 3,600
5520B Raytown Road--bsmnt   APOL Church of Jesus Christ 900
5520C Raytown Road--bsmnt   Dean A Sutherland 900
5520D Raytown Road--bsmnt   Surratt 675
5520E Raytown Road--bsmnt   Willey Storage 450
5520F Raytown Road--bsmnt   Abiding Faith Storage 225
5520G Raytown Road--bsmnt   Surratt 675
5520H Raytown Road--bsmnt   Surratt 450
5520 Raytown Road (off/ware)   Grass Monsters Power equipment 10,240
5522 Raytown Road (rear) Map It Patrick Gray 1,705
5524  Raytown Road Map It FOR RENT!!! 2,885
5524 Raytown Road (rear)   Direct Response 1,200
5528  Raytown Road Ste. 209 Map It Ackerson Landscape 888
5528 Raytown Road Ste. 210   FOR RENT!!!! 465
5528 Raytown Road Ste. 212   FOR RENT!!!! 200
5528 Raytown Road Ste. 270   FOR RENT!!!! 384
5528 Raytown Road Ste. 280   FOR RENT!!!! 775
5532 Raytown Road Ste. 100 Map It Direct Response Services 655
5532 Raytown Road Ste. 110   Direct Response 2,500
5532 Raytown Road (rear)   Santa Fe Services 1,123
5540 Raytown Road Ste. 200 Map It FOR RENT!!! 1,555
5540 Raytown Road Ste. 300   Ackerson Landscape 1,850
5542  Raytown Road Map It Santa Fe Service 6,500
5542 Raytown Road (side)   James R Schutte 257
5542  Raytown Road (rear)   Santa Fe Service 1,750
5600-04 Raytown Road Map It FOR RENT!!!! 3,160
5614 Raytown Road Ste. A Map It Midwest Foundation Supply 4,000
5614 Raytown Road Ste. B   Midwest Foundation Supply 950
5616  Raytown Road Map It Midwest Foundation Supply 4,800
5616 Raytown Road lower   Midwest Foundation Supply 2,400
5620 Raytown Road   Lawn Logics 2,800
...     ...